Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photoshop tips: Straightening with the Measure Tool

Final corrected image: "Birds in Flight" .. oil .. 18" x 36" .. SOLD

This tutorial is a variation on the last one. Often in Photoshop you'll find that problems can be solved in any number of ways. If your original photo seems tilted, more than skewed, try using the Measure Tool before cropping or fixing skew. It may get you most of the way there.

Straightening your image with the Measure Tool is very easy:

1. Click on the Measure tool in the tool box to activate it. It looks like a mini ruler, and may be hiding under your eyedropper tool.

2. Click your mouse button down and hold it to draw a horizontal guide line from left to right (or a vertical line from bottom to top), across any line that should be straight, but is not (The measure line here appears at the top of the canvas, as a somewhat dotted line).

3. From the top toolbar, click on Image/Rotate/Arbitrary.

4. The correct amount of rotation will automatically be assigned to make the line level, as shown below.

5. At this point, your image is ready to crop. You may wish to go back to the earlier tutorial on cropping and fixing any remaining skew.


  1. Thanks R! I have been practicing your tutorials.
    I have a question about adjusting images to suit different judging rules for competitions.and for some websites. When giving you a directive, say make an image no larger than 500 kb or greater than 800 pixels or you can't go over 1025 there one place to do all this? A command I haven't yet found?
    AArgh. Is there going to be a day when this is all standardized? And once you start to fuss with the image does it lose quality anyway?( with each adjustment made?
    Too many questions?LOL

  2. Hi Cathyann, your question kind of fits in with another one asked this week, about file types and resolutions. I'll try to address that issue this week.