Monday, March 21, 2011

Working with Obscure Technology #2: Minolta Slide Scanners in Windows 7

Like many of you who've been at the painting game since pre-'hysterical' times (read: pre-digital), you may have literally thousands upon tens of thousands of slides stored-- and every now and then, you decide you HAVE to access one and scan it.

I have a Konica/Minolta DiMage Scan Dual IV that I bought some years back in the slide-to-digital transition era (my 3rd slide scanner, to date). It does an OK job getting the slides moved onto the computer; i.e., not professional quality but if you need them for personal use. Then you can work them over (using cool tips you found here!) in Photoshop. However, I found the scanner would not operate on Windows 7 as it had on XP. Searching for a solution, I trolled the internet for a couple of hours and located this workable solution.

To get the drivers to work correctly in Windows 7 (also Vista), follow the steps found here (not nearly as complicated as they sound).


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