Monday, March 28, 2011

Yes you can: How to install 2 versions of Photoshop on your computer

Starting today, this blog will begin to offer tips for using Photoshop Elements. I've found that many of my artist friends find the price of regular Photoshop too much for their wallet, and I've offered to teach a course on Elements 9 (the latest version as of this date, running about $88 on

Since I still use the Photoshop CS3 for my business, I needed to find a way to install Elements on my computer side-by-side. It's pretty easy, actually. Other reasons a person might want to do this is to have the safety net of the old version while learning the new one.

First, if you have another version of Photoshop running, turn it off for now.

1. Put the installation DVD in your DVD drive. Click on Run Autoplay.exe

2. Choose your language and go through any other screens until you come to the install screen.

3.The install screen will appear. Click on Install.

3. On the Product configuration screen, enter your country and the serial number from the product case.

4. This is where we get to the dual installation part. On the Destination Folder screen, click the Change button. 

5. We'll be making a new folder for the program, so we're not in danger of overwriting our previously installed software version, so click on the Create New Folder icon as shown below.

6. The new folder appears at the end of the list...

7. Overwrite the blue highlighted text with a new name, in this case, "Adobe Elements 9"

8. Now double-click on that folder to open it, and then choose 'OK'

9. The new folder will now show as your new Destination Folder. Click 'Next' to continue the rest of the steps to complete the installation.

From your start menu, you'll now be able to access either version of Photoshop.
This method works with other types of software, too.



  1. Looking forward to PSE tips! I recently got PSE 9 (an upgrade all the way from PS 5!) and am enjoying finding my way around. I have a good manual (Missing Manuals series) but I'm sure your tips will add extra oomph.

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